10 Crucial Plot Points You Must Know Before Watching The Flash Movie!

Author: Shobith C  / June 09, 2023

Before embarking on the thrilling adventures of Barry Allen in ‘The Flash’, it is essential to understand the key events and milestones that have shaped the journey of Barry Allen, the Scarlet Speedster. From the origins of his incredible powers to significant encounters with other iconic superheroes, the Flash’s story is filled with tragedy, discovery, and the formation of crucial alliances. Now, we will explore the pivotal points that set the stage for Barry’s transformation into the fastest man alive, providing valuable context and anticipation for those eager to dive into the world of the Flash.

1. Bruce Wayne Discovers The Flash Via Security Footage:


Word of the enigmatic speedster reached the keen detective skills of Bruce Wayne, also known as Batman. Bruce managed to obtain leaked security footage capturing the Barry’s heroic deeds. Intrigued by the potential ally, he set out to uncover the true identity of this mysterious hero.

2. The Flash Uses Time Travel To Give Bruce A Warning:

The Flash’s unparalleled speed grants him the ability to manipulate time itself. Recognizing an impending threat, he raced back in time to deliver a crucial warning to Batman, Bruce Wayne. This pivotal encounter laid the foundation for their future partnership and the eventual formation of the Justice League.

3. Barry Allen Gets His Powers From A S.T.A.R. Labs Accident:

Barry Allen, experienced a life-altering event when an accident occurred at S.T.A.R. Labs. Struck by a bolt of lightning and doused in a mixture of chemicals, Barry became a metahuman with extraordinary superhuman speed. Transformed into the Flash, he now possessed the power to run faster than anyone ever thought possible.

4. The Flash Helps Defeat Steppenwolf With Time Travel:

When the formidable Steppenwolf threatened Earth with his powerful forces, the Flash’s time travel abilities proved invaluable. Utilizing his speed and temporal manipulation, Barry created windows of opportunity that allowed the Justice League to strategize and ultimately defeat Steppenwolf, saving the world from imminent destruction.

5. Barry Allen’s Mother Was Murdered:

Behind the mask of the Flash lies a man tormented by tragedy. At a young age, Barry’s mother, Nora Allen, fell victim to a brutal murder, leaving a lasting void in his life. This devastating event fueled Barry’s determination to bring justice to his mother’s memory and unravel the truth behind her untimely demise.

6. The Flash Meets Himself In Another Universe And Gets His Superhero Name:

In a mind-bending encounter, the Flash crossed paths with an alternate version of himself from another universe. This meeting not only tested Barry’s understanding of his abilities but also led to the inspiration for his superhero name. From that point forward, he embraced the moniker of the Flash, symbolizing his incredible speed and the lightning bolt insignia that adorned his costume.

7. Barry Allen’s Father Is In Prison For The Murder Of Nora Allen:

Compounding the tragedy, Barry’s father, Henry Allen, was wrongfully convicted for the murder of his wife and subsequently spent years in prison. Driven by the desire to clear his father’s name and seek justice for his family, Barry dedicated his life to fighting crime as the Flash.

8. The Flash Helped Resurrect Superman, Then Fought Him:

In a moment of crisis, the Flash and the Justice League united their strengths to revive the fallen hero, Superman. Barry’s incredible speed played a vital role in harnessing the necessary energy. However, upon revival, Superman was disoriented and engaged in a fierce battle with the other members, including the Flash, until his senses were restored.

9. Bruce Wayne Trains Barry And Gives Him A Better Super Suit:

Recognizing Barry Allen’s immense potential and unwavering commitment to justice, Bruce Wayne, known as Batman, took the young speedster under his wing. Bruce became Barry’s mentor, imparting his wisdom and honing his skills as the Flash. Additionally, Bruce provided Barry with an upgraded super suit, enhancing his speed and offering better protection in his ongoing battles against crime and global threats.

10.The Flash Is Recruited For the Justice League By Bruce Wayne:

Impressed by the Barry’s remarkable abilities and unwavering commitment to justice, Bruce Wayne extended an invitation to Barry Allen to join the Justice League. Recognizing the need for a united force to combat impending dangers, Barry eagerly accepted the opportunity.

Barry Allen’s journey from an ordinary man to the Flash has been marked by tragedy, discovery, and the formation of crucial alliances. From the fateful S.T.A.R. Labs accident that granted him superhuman speed to his encounters with Batman and the formation of the Justice League, Barry has embraced his role as a hero, tirelessly fighting for justice and using his powers to protect the innocent. The Flash will release worldwide on June 16th. The first solo outing of the fan favorite superhero has already managed to get rave reviews.

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