A Batman Beyond Project Still in Development at DC Studios!

Author: Ambily S/ March 03, 2023

The Dark Knight may be returning to the screen, but not in the way many fans expected. New details have reportedly emerged regarding an animated Batman Beyond movie that was commissioned by DC and Warner Bros. as part of its DC Animated Universe.

Batman Beyond was first introduced in the 1990s as a sequel to Batman: The Animated Series. It featured an older Bruce Wayne training a teenage Terry McGinnis to take over as Batman in a futuristic Gotham City. The character has since gained a devoted following, and the idea of a movie has been discussed for years.

According to insider Jeff Sneider on The Hot Mic Podcast, DC commissioned an animated Batman Beyond movie under former DC Films President Walter Hamada’s leadership. It was intended to be DC’s answer to Marvel’s successful Spider-Verse franchise. The project has been in development for several years and has seen multiple drafts from Fast & Furious 9 writer Daniel Casey.

While the movie remains in development under DC Studios co-CEOs James Gunn and Peter Safran, it could still be canceled if it does not fit into their cohesive plans for the DC Universe franchise. Since taking over DC Studios, Gunn and Safran have canceled multiple projects and shows that did not fit their vision.

DC Studios will continue to develop projects that do not fit into the DC Universe plan under an “Elseworlds” umbrella. However, the quality bar for these projects will be higher than for those within the DC Universe. So, for Batman Beyond to move forward, the script will need to be truly exceptional.

The cancellation of the live-action Batman Beyond movie starring Michael Keaton was a blow to fans, but the animated movie may offer some solace. As of now, DC has not confirmed the development of the animated movie, but the fact that it has not been canceled after several years suggests that there is still hope for the Dark Knight’s return to the screen in animated form.

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