By,  S.C/ JUNE 10, 2022

Most of the movie lovers, especially the DC fandom have pinned their hopes on the removal of Amber Heard from the DC franchise ever since Johnny Depp’s removal from the Pirates of the Caribbean franchise, that too from the legendary role of Captain Jack Sparrow that Depp himself forged into Perfection, even before he was proven guilty. While it seems to be iffy on what the fans have expected, the verdict on Johnny Depp’s Multi-million defamation lawsuit become a milepost for Amber Heard.

Ever since the verdict on the lawsuit came, there’s been plenteous rumours swirling on the internet that the scenes of Amber Heard has been cut off from the highly anticipated DC movie, Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom. Though no such thing has been officially confirmed, its be noted that the actress has less than 10 min screentime given in the upcoming sequel, which was confirmed by Amber herself during the trial.

Though nothing has been officially confirmed, it’s safe to say that the cards are stacked against Amber Heard’s future in the DCEU franchise. 

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