Aquaman 2 Sets a New DCEU Record!

Author: Ambily S / Sep 06, 2023

Aquaman 2 Official Synopsis

In the ever-evolving world of cinematic universes, the DC Extended Universe (DCEU) has had its fair share of highs and lows. With a growing roster of superheroes and villains, fans have eagerly awaited each new installment. However, the latest development surrounding DCEU’s final movie “Aquaman and The Lost Kingdom” has raised eyebrows and set an unexpected record.

As of August 29, 2023, “Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom” had not released its first official trailer online or in theaters, despite the film’s impending December 20th theatrical release. This curious delay in promotional material has now established a disappointing record for the DCEU – the shortest window between the release of a film’s first trailer and its theatrical debut.

The DCEU has always relied on an effective marketing strategy to build anticipation among fans, and trailers play a crucial role in this process. However, with a mere 114 days remaining until the film’s premiere, the absence of an official trailer is cause for concern among enthusiasts.

To put this record in perspective, earlier this year, “The Flash” also set a record by releasing its first trailer just 124 days before its theatrical release. This trend hints at Warner Bros.’s recent struggles in crafting effective promotional campaigns for their DCEU films.

In stark contrast, “Suicide Squad” in 2016 took a more patient approach, unveiling its first trailer over a year ahead of its release. This extended promotional window allowed for a substantial buildup of excitement and anticipation, which ultimately contributed to the film’s buzz.

Returning director James Wan’s comments about “The Lost Kingdom” being a standalone film indicate a unique approach within the DCEU. He emphasized the film’s individuality, stating, “Well, Aquaman – even the first film – has always been a very standalone film. That was always our approach: that it kind of lives in its own world, and that’s kind of how we’ve approached ‘The Lost Kingdom’ as well.” Wan’s promise to take the film “to the next level” and expand its world sounds promising, but without a trailer to offer a glimpse of this expansion, fans are left in the dark.

The big question looming over “Aquaman 2” is whether it can replicate the success of its predecessor, which became the only DCEU movie to gross over $1 billion worldwide. With the countdown to its release underway, fans are anxious to see if “The Lost Kingdom” can achieve the same box office glory.

DC Franchise has seen its fair share of ups and downs, the delay in “Aquaman and The Lost Kingdom’s” promotional campaign raises concerns about Warner Bros.’s marketing strategy. Only time will tell if the film can overcome this hurdle and live up to the legacy of its predecessor. As fans eagerly await the release on December 20th, the fate of Atlantis and the DCEU’s record books hang in the balance.

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