By, S.C/ JULY 18, 2022

The release of Warner Bros. Batgirl is delayed until 2023 instead of releasing before the end of this year.

Leslie Grace’s Batgirl is already one of the anticipated DC film that we awaits for. It appears to the fact that the fans in UK have to wait even longer than its expected release date. According to Warner Bros UK,Batgirl won’t be released until 2023, but it’s currently unclear if this will be the same in the United States.

Batgirl never disclosed any official release date so far but the reports indicated that we can expect on HBO Max before 2022 came to an end alongside with the release of Black Adam and Shazam.

Additional to this, Batgirl is going to be released in theatres instead of releasing exclusively on HBO Max. This would be the first DC movie to use such releasing stratergy.

Here is the tweet shared regarding the release of Batgirl:

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