Author: Ambily S / AUGUST 17, 2022

It’s been reported that Ben Affleck is coming back to film additional scenes for The Flash movie. This is indeed exciting news for the Batfleck fans.

According to a recent report from Geekosity, Ben Affleck is coming back on set to film additional scenes for Andy Muschietti’s Flash movie. Moreover to these, the report also added that these new scenes are not completely going to change the ending of the movie but merely adjust it. This itself is good to hear.

This news comes after Jason Mamoa revealed Ben Affleck was going to be returning for the Aquaman sequel via his social media accounts.

Mamoa has recently shared a video in his social media account in which he accidentally walked into a trailer on the movie set Batfleck was sitting minding his own business. It’s actually reported that Ben Affleck is going to replace Michael Keaton’s version of Batman in the Aquaman sequel. The reason for replacing Keaton’s Batman with Affleck is that The Flash film is being delayed. It was to be released before the upcoming Aquaman 2.

Now, The Flash can be expected only after Aquaman 2. Warner Bros. thought that it would be best to include Affleck’s version of Batman instead of Keaton’s Bruce Wayne so that the audiences  won’t get confused. The news of Ben Affleck’s return has made a huge wave in the social media and Warner Bros. expects this to erase the controversies that Aquaman sequel and  The Flash movie are now facing.

It seems that there are plenty of Batfleck projects waiting in DC. We can expect more Batfleck’s arrival in the coming projects.

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