Ben Affleck in Blue Beetle? Details Revealed!

Author: Ambily S / Aug 20, 2023

Ben Affleck in Blue Beetle

The release of “Blue Beetle” has sparked both excitement and speculation among fans. However, one particular rumor surrounding a supposed voice cameo from Ben Affleck’s Batman, which was allegedly cut from the film, has been squarely addressed by none other than James Gunn. The co CEO of DC Studios took to X/Twitter to debunk the rumor and provide clarity on the situation.

The Rumor and Gunn's Response

Amid the anticipation for “Blue Beetle,” a rumor emerged suggesting that the film would include a comedic voice cameo by Ben Affleck’s Batman, effectively connecting it to the broader DCEU continuity. A Twitter user with the handle @sylabdul boldly asserted that James Gunn had made the decision to remove this cameo. According to @sylabdul, the voice-only appearance was meant to be humorous and establish a link between “Blue Beetle” and the Batfleck era. Gunn was quick to dispel this claim, offering a clear and concise response to the rumor. He stated, “I’ve never heard of a Ben Affleck voice cameo in Beetle, nor has Peter, much less cut one… I never heard of one because one never existed (just asked the producers).”

Affleck's Future in the DCU

While Ben Affleck’s portrayal of Batman did not materialize in “Blue Beetle,” speculation regarding his involvement in the DCU remains intriguing. Earlier reports hinted at Affleck filming sequences for “Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom,” although uncertainty lingers about whether these scenes made it to the final version of the film. This raises the pertinent question of whether “The Flash” marked the conclusion of Affleck’s tenure as Batman. The impending exploration of the Multiverse within the DCU opens up the possibility for Affleck’s return in a different capacity.

The Present and Future of "Blue Beetle"

With “Blue Beetle” now screening in theaters globally, fans can finally immerse themselves in the latest superhero saga. The movie’s reception thus far has been positive, with audiences embracing the introduction of Xolo Maridueña’s hero into the DC Universe. As “Blue Beetle” takes its place within the DC Universe, the audience eagerly awaits its evolution and possible connections to the wider universe in forthcoming chapters.

As fans continue to celebrate “Blue Beetle” and speculate on the trajectory of the DC Universe, the enduring enthusiasm and attachment to these beloved characters and their interwoven stories remain as steadfast as ever.

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