Blue Beetle Director Hails Zack Snyder as the 'GOAT' in Social Media!

Author: Ambily S / July 31, 2023

Zack Snyder About Blue Beetle

In a recent social media post that has sent shockwaves through the comic book and movie fandoms, renowned director Zack Snyder expressed his enthusiasm for the upcoming Latino superhero film, Blue Beetle. The visionary filmmaker, known for his work in the DC Extended Universe, took to his Twitter account to share his excitement and highlight the importance of representation in cinema. Snyder’s endorsement of the movie has not only sparked trending hashtags but also garnered praise from the film’s director, Angel Manuel Soto, who affectionately referred to Snyder as the “GOAT” or the “greatest of all time.”

The Blue Beetle Phenomenon

The mention of Blue Beetle alone is enough to ignite excitement among comic book enthusiasts. The character, created by Charles Wojtkoski and artist Steve Ditko, made its first appearance in 1939, and since then, multiple iterations of the Blue Beetle have captivated readers and viewers alike. However, the latest version of Blue Beetle, Jaime Reyes, holds particular significance as he represents the first Latino superhero to headline a DC Comics film.

Zack Snyder's Endorsement

Zack Snyder’s influence in the world of superhero films cannot be overstated. Having directed iconic movies like “Man of Steel” and “Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice,” Snyder’s involvement in the superhero genre has solidified his position as a prominent figure in the industry. By expressing his eagerness to watch Blue Beetle and emphasizing the importance of representation with the hashtag #RepresentationMatters, Snyder further underscores the significance of diverse voices and identities in mainstream cinema.

#BlueBattalion Trends

In the aftermath of Snyder’s post on Twitter now known as X, the internet erupted with excitement, and the hashtag #BlueBattalion quickly started trending. Fans, both old and new, came together to celebrate the impending arrival of a groundbreaking superhero film. The hashtag served as a rallying cry, uniting supporters of diverse representation in media, and sending a strong message to the entertainment industry about the demand for inclusivity.

Blue Beetle Battalion Trends on Twitter.

Angel Manuel Soto's Response

The director of Blue Beetle, Angel Manuel Soto, wasted no time in acknowledging Snyder’s support. Soto’s heartwarming response on Instagram described Snyder as the “GOAT,” a term reserved for individuals who have had an immeasurable impact on their respective fields. Soto’s admiration for Snyder’s endorsement not only highlights the director’s appreciation for Snyder’s work but also the sense of camaraderie within the filmmaking community.


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With #BlueBattalion trending and director Angel Manuel Soto’s acknowledgment of Snyder’s support, the forthcoming Latino superhero film is shaping up to be a groundbreaking moment in the world of superhero cinema. The anticipation for Blue Beetle not only emphasizes the power of representation but also showcases the impact of influential filmmakers in promoting diversity and inclusivity in mainstream media. As we look forward to the film’s release, it is evident that the world is ready for more superhero stories that reflect the rich tapestry of humanity.

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