David Corenswet Bulked Up Physique for Superman Role Revealed in New Pictures!

Author: Ambily S / Oct 21, 2023

David Corenswet Muscle Gain Photo

David Corenswet, set to embody a youthful Clark Kent in the upcoming DC Universe film “Superman: Legacy,” has undergone a remarkable physical transformation. Recent photos showcase his bulked-up physique, drawing striking parallels to Henry Cavill, the previous Superman in the DCEU.

In the snapshots shared by Just Jared via @CorenswetNews on Twitter, Corenswet exudes a resemblance to Cavill, intensifying comparisons between the two actors. As he gears up to portray Kal-El in James Gunn’s vision for “Superman: Legacy,” Corenswet’s optimistic approach aligns seamlessly with the director’s vision, making him an ideal choice to spearhead the new DC Universe.

The actor’s journey to becoming the DC Universe’s Superman commenced after an extensive casting process, culminating in his selection for the role in “Superman: Legacy.” The filming is slated to commence in Spring 2024, and Corenswet has begun the process of bulking up to embody the iconic character.

With a bearded visage and a more robust frame showcased in the latest images, Corenswet echoes Cavill’s early portrayal in “Man of Steel,” further fueling arguments from fans who already noted the uncanny resemblance between the two actors. As anticipation builds for “Superman: Legacy,” Corenswet’s transformation adds a layer of excitement, promising a fresh and compelling take on the legendary superhero.

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