David Corenswet Responds to Twitter Discussions Regarding His Superman Casting!

Author: Shobith C  / July 03, 2023

The DC Universe (DCU) has found its new Superman, and it’s none other than actor David Corenswet. Following the departure of Henry Cavill, who portrayed the iconic superhero in previous films, Corenswet has been chosen to don the cape and become the Man of Steel. The announcement of Corenswet’s casting sparked excitement among fans, and even his fellow actors took to social media to congratulate him on his new role.

One such actor was Jack Quaid, known for his role in the popular series “The Boys.” Quaid revealed that he had crossed paths with Corenswet several years ago during the production of a pilot that unfortunately never made it to air. Despite the project’s fate, Quaid had fond memories of working with Corenswet, describing him as “one of the nicest people [he’s] ever worked with.” Quaid expressed his confidence in Corenswet’s ability to excel in the Superman role, stating that he will “absolutely crush” it.

Corenswet, being both humble and mysterious, responded to Quaid’s congratulatory message with a simple yet playful “Saluting face” emoji. As of now, the actor has not made an official statement regarding his casting as Superman, leaving fans eagerly awaiting his thoughts on this exciting new chapter in his career.

Interestingly, Corenswet and Quaid have shared the screen before, having both appeared in the pilot episode of the Yale University period drama series “The Tap” back in 2017. Unfortunately, the show did not get picked up for a full season, leaving their collaboration unseen by audiences. Nevertheless, their connection through past work adds another layer of camaraderie between the two actors as they embark on their respective superhero journeys.

While Corenswet is set to take on the role of Superman, Quaid himself is no stranger to the superhero genre. He will soon make his debut as the voice of Clark Kent/Superman in the animated series “My Adventures with Superman,” scheduled to premiere on Friday, July 7. Quaid’s Instagram story featured a photo of himself alongside Corenswet, with the caption “Two Supermen.” He expressed his surprise at how the photo surfaced since the pilot they worked on together never aired. Nonetheless, Quaid took the opportunity to extend his congratulations to Corenswet once again.

With the DCU expanding its roster of Superman actors, Corenswet joins an illustrious group of performers who have left their mark on the character. From Christopher Reeve’s iconic portrayal to Henry Cavill’s more recent interpretation, the role has attracted talented actors who have embodied the essence of the Man of Steel. Now, it is Corenswet’s turn to bring his unique take on the beloved superhero and capture the hearts of audiences worldwide.

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