DC Actor Shares Exciting James Gunn's DC Universe Release Update!

Author: Ambily S / Sep 17, 2023

DCU New Release Update

In the ever-evolving world of entertainment, fans are often left anxiously awaiting updates on their favorite projects, and James Gunn’s much-anticipated DC Universe reboot is no exception. With ongoing strikes in Hollywood raising concerns about the timeline, fans can breathe a sigh of relief thanks to the reassuring words of one of the project’s stars, Frank Grillo.

Before the DC Universe takes flight on the big screen with the highly-anticipated “Superman: Legacy” in 2025, fans can expect a tantalizing taste of what’s to come through a pair of super-powered streaming series. The first of these, “Creature Commandos,” has been rumored to make its debut in 2024. With voicework on the project reportedly completed, James Gunn himself has given fans reason to rejoice by confirming that recording has indeed wrapped up.

Frank Grillo, who lends his voice to the character Rick Flag Sr. in the animated series “Creature Commandos,” took to his personal Instagram Stories to share the exciting news. In his post, he emphatically declared, “No delay for ‘Creature Commandos.’ All ready to go as per James Gunn. I’m so pumped to see this.” This statement came as a relief to fans who had begun to worry that the ongoing strikes in Hollywood might affect the project, despite the fact that animated ventures are generally unaffected by such labor disputes.

The significance of “Creature Commandos” sticking to its 2024 release date goes beyond just the series itself. It sets the stage for James Gunn’s grand reimagining of the DC Universe, indicating that the reboot is indeed on track to kick off in 2024 as previously reported. For fans eagerly anticipating the fresh and innovative take that Gunn is known for, this news is a beacon of hope.

As for “Creature Commandos” enthusiasts, the series is poised to hit screens on the Max platform sometime in 2024. With its arrival, viewers can expect a thrilling introduction to the revitalized DC Universe, setting the stage for what promises to be an electrifying journey through the world of superheroes and supervillains under the creative guidance of James Gunn.

In the realm of entertainment, where uncertainty often looms large, Frank Grillo’s reassuring message serves as a reminder that sometimes, amidst the chaos of Hollywood, exciting projects like James Gunn’s DC Universe reboot continue to forge ahead, bringing dreams to life and offering fans a much-needed escape into the world of superheroes, one animated adventure at a time.

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