DC Announces the First Green Lantern Actor of DC Universe Reboot!

Author: Ambily S  / July 12, 2023

DC Studios revealed CEO James Gunn’s longtime collaborators will appear as a Green Lantern in his upcoming DC reboot. Gunn, the newly-appointed DC Studios co-CEO with film producer Peter Safran, is in the midst of prepping his reimagined DCU, something that will kick off in 2025 with Superman: Legacy.

Superman: Legacy Cast Updates

In recent weeks, fans have begun to learn more about Superman: Legacy with the first hints at its super-powered cast coming in with the announcements of David Corenswet and Rachel Brosnahan as the film’s Clark Kent and Lois Lane.

Nathan Fillion Is a Green Lantern

Nathan Fillion has been cast as a Green Lantern in James Gunn’s Superman: Legacy. The Firefly actor will play the Green Lantern known as Guy Gardner in the film.


While fans may most prominently know Hal Jordan and John Stewart as humans to wear the Green Lantern ring, Gardner is a comedic version of the hero.

Fillion’s casting as Guy Gardner is sure to excite fans of the character and the actor. He has a long history of playing charismatic and funny characters, and he is sure to bring his own unique interpretation to the role.

Fillion’s Role Beyond Superman: Legacy

There is currently a Green Lantern Max series on Gunn’s new DC slate, titled Lanterns an this casting could be an indication that Fillion will reprise his role for that project.

With the anticipation building, fans eagerly await the release of Superman: Legacy, ready to witness Fillion’s portrayal of the beloved Green Lantern and experience the new era of DC films under the guidance of James Gunn and his team.

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