DC Confirms 2 New MonsterVerse Titans in DC Universe!

Author: Ambily S / Oct 02, 2023

In a colossal clash of worlds, DC is set to thrill fans with the introduction of two new MonsterVerse Titans – Behemoth and Warbat – into the DC Universe. As the Justice League faces off against these towering beasts, the stakes are higher than ever, promising an intense showdown that will reverberate through the comic book cosmos.

Behemoth, the mammoth-like kaiju known from Godzilla: King of the Monsters, finds itself on the sacred grounds of Themyscira, where Wonder Woman must confront this colossal threat. Meanwhile, the skies of Metropolis witness the epic clash between Superman and Godzilla, leaving the cityscape in ruins. Adding to the chaos, Warbat, the ferocious serpent-like creature from Godzilla vs. Kong, engages in a fierce battle with none other than Green Arrow, as depicted in the stunning cover by Christian Duce.

As the Monsterverse spills into the DC Universe, the Legion of Doom, led by the cunning Lex Luthor, lurks in the shadows, raising questions about their nefarious connection to these monstrous incursions. The fate of both worlds hangs in the balance, making the Justice League’s task more daunting than ever.

The upcoming Justice League vs. Godzilla vs. Kong issue, hitting shelves in December, promises a riveting conclusion to this 7-issue miniseries. Fans can expect a symphony of chaos and heroism as Superman, Wonder Woman, Kong, and others join forces to repel the invasion of Titans into the DC Universe.

This crossover event isn’t just about pitting superheroes against monsters; it’s a celebration of the vast and interconnected worlds within DC and Legendary Comics. The Monsterverse’s Behemoth and Warbat, though initially underrated, take center stage, proving that any kaiju can become a formidable adversary for our beloved icons.

With the Monsterverse saga continuing to unfold in other December releases, such as the Titans-centric crossover “Beast World,” DC ensures that fans will be on the edge of their seats throughout the holiday season. As 2023 draws to a close, brace yourselves for a December filled with epic battles, unexpected alliances, and the thrilling climax of the Justice League’s clash with Godzilla and Kong.

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