DC has Made A Major Change to Wonder Woman!

Author: Shobith C  / June 29, 2023

In a major change for the character, DC Comics has revealed that Wonder Woman will be having a daughter in the upcoming comic book series “Infinite Frontier.” The daughter’s name is Elizabeth Marston Prince, and she is named after one of the Marstons, the polyamorous trio who created Wonder Woman in the first place.

Elizabeth Marston Prince made her debut in Wonder Woman #800, which was published on June 20, 2023. The issue was written by Tom King and illustrated by Daniel Sampere.

In the comic, Elizabeth Marston Prince is a young woman who lives in a future where Wonder Woman is the leader of the Justice League. She is a powerful Amazonian warrior who is also a skilled diplomat. She is determined to follow in her mother’s footsteps and fight for justice and equality.

Elizabeth Marston Prince’s superhero name is Trinity. She takes this name because she is the first person to wield the Three Lassos of Fate, which are three powerful artifacts that were created by the Greek gods.

The introduction of Elizabeth Marston Prince is a significant moment for Wonder Woman’s history. It is the first time that the character has been shown to have a child, and it opens up a number of new possibilities for her story. Elizabeth Marston Prince could become a superhero in her own right, or she could choose to live a more normal life, using her mother’s teachings to make a difference in the world in other ways.

Elizabeth Marston Prince also changes Wonder Woman’s status quo in a number of ways. Up until now, Wonder Woman has been primarily depicted as a solo character. However, the introduction of her daughter means that she will now have a family to protect. This could lead to new challenges and conflicts for Wonder Woman. This has the potential to enrich Wonder Woman’s mythology and make her character even more relatable and inspiring. Only time will tell how this new development will play out, but it is certainly one to watch.

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