DC Poised to Strike Down Another Man of Steel!

Author: Patrick Jane/ February 08, 2023

DC’s upcoming miniseries, Adventures of Superman: Jon Kent, will crossover with the Injustice universe and result in the death of at least one version of Superman.

The series, launching in March 2023, is written by Tom Taylor and illustrated by Clayton Henry and will feature Jon Kent facing off against his arch-nemesis Ultraman.

Tom Taylor spoke about the series, saying, “Ultraman is the catalyst for all of this. This is not a good person, and he’s already made Jon’s life hell. So, for him to be out there murdering Kal-Els, which we talk about what that does to their worlds and to other worlds. It’s kind of huge. There is this massive confrontation brewing, and you’re all going to get to see it take place.” Taylor added, “be afraid” that some of their favorite versions of the Man of Steel could meet their untimely demise in Adventures of Superman: Jon Kent. “I mean we’ve already seen one dead in Action Comics #1050,” he said, referring to the deceased character Val-Zod uncovered at the end of Action Comics #1050. “You will see at least one more go, and there is something very difficult about watching Kal-El die. And Clayton Henry is such a great emotive artist. He’s someone who just gets some fantastic acting out of the faces of these characters. Losing our first Kal-El in Adventures of Superman: Jon Kent is a big moment.”

The miniseries marks Taylor’s return to the Injustice universe after working on the Injustice: Gods Among Us comic series around ten years ago. “Obviously, Batman,” he said of the Injustice characters who will show up in the miniseries. “There is Superman, there is Wonder Woman, and how she reacts to Jon suddenly showing up. But I guess the biggest one—and I wasn’t going to give this away, but you know what, for anyone reading this I will—there is a different Damian Wayne in the Injustice world. Literally his best friend is essentially not on the side of the angels in this world. That is going to give us a very fun and entertaining dynamic and quite a tortured dynamic to play with.”

Adventures of Superman: Jon Kent #1 will feature main and variant cover art by Clayton Henry and additional variant covers by various artists including Zu Orzu, Rafael Sarmento, Yasmin Flores Montanez, A.L. Kaplan, Megan Huang, Jordi Tarragona, Dan Mora, and Lee Weeks. The issue goes on sale on March 7, 2023.

DC’s upcoming Adventures of Superman: Jon Kent miniseries will crossover with the Injustice universe and result in the death of at least one version of Superman. Fans should expect a massive confrontation between Jon Kent and Ultraman, with familiar faces from the Injustice universe making an appearance. The miniseries promises to be a thrilling ride for fans, with the death of Kal-El set to be a big moment in the series.

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