DC Producer Shares Insights into James Gunn's Justice League Plans!

Author: Shobith C / Sep 24, 2023

James Gunn Justice League Plans

In recent developments within the DC Universe, producer Butch Lukic has disclosed intriguing details regarding James Gunn’s potential interest in adapting an iconic DC storyline for a future Justice League project. While fans eagerly anticipated the adaptation of this beloved story, changes in the DC Universe’s creative direction initially prevented its realization. However, there remains optimism that Gunn’s subtle hints and behind-the-scenes curiosity may eventually lead to the much-awaited Kingdom Come adaptation.

First introduced in 1996 as a DC Elseworld title, Kingdom Come is a four-part miniseries co-created by Mark Waid and artist Alex Ross. This compelling narrative delves into the lives of an aging Justice League confronted by a world teeming with metahumans who have strayed from the League’s founding principles. The story unfolds as an intergenerational battle emerges, exploring the profound question of what defines a true hero in a world fraught with high stakes and dire consequences.

During an interview with ScreenRant, Butch Lukic, while discussing the upcoming Justice League: Warworld project, shed light on the shelving of Kingdom Come’s adaptation plans, stating, “We originally talked about ‘Kingdom Come’ after this, but changing regimes, we couldn’t go forward with anything like that.” This revelation saddened fans, given Kingdom Come’s status as a beloved fan favorite.

Lukic went on to hint at the possibility of Kingdom Come finding a place in the evolving DC Universe, saying, “They might incorporate it in the future with the New World, but that was one that we talked about as an obvious possibility to continue. Not this continuity, but something more Justice League and larger.” This statement offers a glimmer of hope to fans longing for Kingdom Come’s adaptation under Gunn’s creative vision.

Gunn’s potential interest in Kingdom Come raises intriguing possibilities for the future of the DC Universe. Although the project remains speculative at this point, it underscores the enduring appeal of this classic storyline and its potential to captivate a new generation of audiences. In the meantime, fans can look forward to the upcoming Justice League: Warworld animated project, while eagerly awaiting the day when Kingdom Come might finally come to life in Gunn’s unique storytelling style.

The prospect of James Gunn taking on Kingdom Come is a tantalizing one, and fans will undoubtedly keep a watchful eye on any further developments, hoping that this iconic DC tale will one day find its way to the silver screen.

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