DC Reveals New Plans for Wonder Woman!

Author: Shobith C  / July 27, 2023

Wonder Woman

At the electrifying Between Two Toms panel during the San Diego Comic-Con, celebrated writer Tom King thrilled fans with the revelation of his upcoming Wonder Woman run, promising it to be “the biggest book I’ve ever written.” King’s ambitious project will not only explore multiple timelines but also introduce a series of captivating back-up strips set in the future of the DC Universe. Together with talented artist Daniel Sampere, King is set to make Wonder Woman the heart of the DCU, and he has some exciting surprises in store for fans, including the introduction of Trinity, Wonder Woman’s daughter, into the mix.

A Revolutionary Vision for Wonder Woman

Tom King expressed his grand vision for the upcoming Wonder Woman series at the panel, emphasizing his intention to make Wonder Woman the center of the entire DC Universe. His goal is to elevate her story and make it resonate throughout the entire DCU. King’s deep admiration for the character and his passion for storytelling are evident, and fans can expect an epic journey that pushes the boundaries of Wonder Woman’s legacy.

The Bigger Format

In a thrilling revelation, King disclosed that the upcoming Wonder Woman comic will literally be bigger than anticipated. Alongside the main narrative, King will introduce a series of back-up strips, focusing on Trinity – the daughter of Wonder Woman, as introduced in the previous Wonder Woman #800 issue. King humorously admitted that the character’s name, Lizzy Prince, was inspired by his niece and not, as some had speculated, the wife of Wonder Woman’s creator. The back-up strips will feature Trinity alongside Jon Kent (Superman’s son) and Damian Wayne (Batman’s son) in a charming and action-packed storyline, adding a new dimension to the DCU.

A New Dynamic with Trinity

With the addition of Trinity to the Jon/Damian duo, the term “Super Sons” no longer applies, as there’s now a daughter among the super-powered offspring. King playfully teased a new group name but remained tight-lipped about the reveal. Jokingly, he mentioned that it might be called “Trinity and the Trin-ettes.” Fans are undoubtedly eager to see how this unique trio will interact, grow, and protect the world together.

King’s decision to include Trinity in the story emphasizes his focus on family bonds and the enduring legacy of iconic heroes. By intertwining the lives of Wonder Woman’s daughter with those of Superman and Batman’s sons, he aims to celebrate the rich history of the DC Universe while carving a new path for the next generation of heroes.

Anticipation for Wonder Woman #1

The grand adventure of Wonder Woman and her extended family will begin with the release of Wonder Woman #1 in September. Fans and newcomers alike can look forward to an awe-inspiring journey that promises to redefine the essence of the DCU.

With Tom King’s visionary approach, the upcoming Wonder Woman run is set to become a groundbreaking milestone in the DC Universe’s history. By making Wonder Woman the focal point and introducing Trinity as a significant character, King has crafted an exhilarating saga that embraces the spirit of family, legacy, and heroism. As the release date of Wonder Woman #1 draws near, the excitement and anticipation among fans continue to grow. Prepare to be immersed in an unparalleled storytelling experience that will leave an indelible mark on the DC Universe for years to come.

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