DC Reveals Stunning Update: Superman Can Now Keep Up With The Flash - Find Out How!

Author: Patrick Jane/ February 23, 2023

Superman and The Flash are two of the most iconic superheroes in the DC Comics universe, and for years fans have debated who is faster. While the answer may have already been settled, a recent issue of The Flash comic book series has shed new light on Superman’s speed capabilities.

In The Flash #793, the Man of Steel is recovered by the Flash Family after being frozen by the One-Minute War’s Fraction. It is revealed that Superman is slowly catching up with his speedster allies, although it would take more time than they can afford to waste waiting for him to get up to speed.

This revelation provides two significant insights. Firstly, it gives the Flash Family the potential for a key ally in their fight against the Fraction’s army. Secondly, it confirms that Superman is inherently slower than speedsters but can catch up with them if given a bit of time to adjust to the heightened rate of movement.

The Fraction’s arrival on Earth resulted in an oversaturation of the Speed Force, causing all speedster characters to accelerate to top speed to match their foes. This means that everyone else on Earth moving at normal speed is essentially trapped in time until the Fraction leaves. Superman, on the other hand, is one of the few non-speedster characters capable of keeping up with the Flash when it comes to speed.

While Superman is confirmed to be slower than the Flash, this moment demonstrates just how incredible his own abilities are. His power doesn’t come from the Speed Force, but it does prove that his powers are on par with it. With time to adjust to the new speed, Superman could become a key ally in the Flash Family’s efforts to repel the Fraction from Earth. He may even be able to access Kryptonian technology to counteract the Fraction’s Speed Force tech.

It is fascinating to consider what this means for Superman’s abilities. His powers are the direct result of biology, not a cosmic force that claims dominion over a key aspect of existence. If he can adapt to the rate of movement that the Flash Family and the Fraction are moving, there really is no limit to the full capabilities of his powers. He just needs to be given the right challenge to push them forward.

While Superman may not be as fast as the Flash, he has demonstrated that he is capable of keeping up with speedsters if given time to adjust. This provides the Flash Family with the potential for a powerful ally in their fight against the Fraction and opens up new possibilities for exploring the full extent of Superman’s incredible abilities.

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