DC Teases the Return of a Deadly Villain!

Author: Shobith C / Sep 27, 2023

DC Universe is no stranger to iconic villains, from the maniacal Joker to the formidable Darkseid. Each character brings a unique flavor to the DC universe with their distinct motives and intentions. However, the comic book giant recently teased the return of a villain who has been conspicuously absent from its pages for a decade, and fans couldn’t be more excited.

Birds of Prey Resurge:

DC’s Birds of Prey, a dynamic team of superheroines, is making a triumphant return in a new ongoing series that has garnered both critical acclaim and enthusiastic fan reception. This resurgence has introduced a fresh but familiar flavor by bringing together characters from various corners of the DC mythos. In the process, the series dropped a significant hint about a long-lost adversary. Spoilers ahead for Birds of Prey #1 by Kelly Thompson, Leonardo Romero, Jordie Bellaire, and Clayton Cowles.

The Resurrection of a Forgotten Foe:

In Birds of Prey #1, Dinah Lance, also known as Black Canary, assembles her team for a top-secret mission: to rescue Cynthia “Sin” Lance from the Amazons before their actions inadvertently bring about the end of the world. While recruiting Cassandra Cain, Batgirl, for this mission, Dinah tasks her with enlisting the help of Big Barda, who is found unleashing her formidable combat skills in a Californian bar. Together, Cass and Barda confront vampires in the bar, vampires who serve Barda’s “former teammate,” Bloody Mary.

Bloody Mary's Obscure Legacy:

The name Bloody Mary has surfaced in various DC publications, including a short-lived Helix Comics hero, a Batwoman villain, and a character from the Dakotaverse. However, Barda’s reference to her “teammate” clarifies which version of Bloody Mary is now in question. This particular incarnation, created by Karl Kesel and Barry Kitson in 1991’s Hawk and Dove #21, once fought alongside Barda as part of the Female Furies. She possessed the ability to absorb the energy of her victims and made appearances in DC’s comics until her demise in a 2008 Wonder Girl arc.

Another version of Bloody Mary made her appearance in the Elseworlds book “Ame-Comi Girls,” where she was a member of the Pirate Furies.

A Glimpse into the New Birds of Prey Series:

The Birds of Prey, led by Dinah Lance, are among the DC Universe’s most elite fighters. Combining her martial prowess with her sonic scream, Black Canary is a formidable force in any conflict. However, even she requires assistance at times. In this new series, Dinah is presented with a personal mission by a mysterious new ally and assembles an extraordinary team, including Cassandra Cain, Big Barda, Zealot, and Harley Quinn. Their sole objective: extract their asset at any cost. What could possibly go wrong?

Kelly Thompson, the writer behind this rejuvenated Birds of Prey, has coined this arc “Megadeath.” She describes it as a very personal and dramatic story featuring a dangerous yet somewhat light-hearted team. Thompson emphasizes the importance of humor, even in the darkest of tales, as it helps characters endure the worst situations. With characters like Barda and Cassandra Cain brought together, readers can anticipate a delightful clash of personalities.

With the reintroduction of the enigmatic Bloody Mary, fans have another reason to be excited about the series. Whether you’re a die-hard DC enthusiast or a newcomer to the world of comics, Birds of Prey #1 offers a compelling narrative that’s bound to keep readers hooked. Don’t miss out on this exciting chapter in the DC universe, available now wherever comics are sold.

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