DC's Upcoming Movie is "Mini Avengers" According to Its Director!

Author: Ambily S/ March 01, 2023

Avengers, assemble! Well, not exactly, but fans of superhero team-up films might have something to look forward to with DC’s next movie, Shazam! Fury of the Gods. The upcoming sequel, directed by David Sandberg, has been compared to some of Marvel Studios’ epic crossovers by the filmmaker himself. Sandberg recently revealed in an interview with GamesRadar that the film is like “a mini-Avengers movie” due to its large cast of characters.

Sandberg noted that the movie boasts “many characters,” including heroes, villains, and monsters. With a lot of content packed into the film’s runtime, Sandberg shared that it was challenging to shoot and stage scenes with up to 11 characters. “Where do you put everyone? It’s really hard,” he said.

Despite the difficulties of juggling a large cast, Sandberg also shared that the sequel was given more resources than its predecessor, allowing the team to compete with other superhero movies in terms of action and scale. In the first Shazam! movie, the focus was on character and humor, but with the increased budget, fans can expect bigger and better action scenes.

The story in Shazam! Fury of the Gods is a personal one, focusing on Billy Batson’s fear of losing his family. After finding a new family in the first movie, they are getting older and must start moving out of the group home and finding jobs, leaving Billy feeling terrified. The family must balance their regular lives with being superheroes, which proves to be a tough challenge.

Juggling a large cast is no easy feat, as evidenced by some movies that have struggled with it in the past. However, the first Shazam! movie did a good job with its cast, so it’s not impossible to assume that its sequel can handle a slightly bigger roster and more screen time for everyone involved. Fans will have to wait and see if the movie can pull it off.

As for Wright, it’s clear that she has a deep connection to her role as Antiope and a genuine enthusiasm for the “Wonder Woman” franchise. Fans can only hope that the producers of “Paradise Lost” take note of her desire to return to the role and give her the chance to once again portray one of the strongest and most inspiring characters in the DC Universe.

One thing that is uncertain is the future of Shazam in the DCU. The character’s place in James Gunn’s new DCU is uncertain, which could impact the character’s future. However, the film’s producer, Peter Safran, is one of the co-leads for DC Studios, giving fans hope that Shazam could continue to be a part of the DCU.

There are also other complications to consider, such as controversy surrounding the film’s leading star and the fact that the cast as a whole is quickly outgrowing their characters. Regardless, fans of the character should make sure to catch Shazam! Fury of the Gods when it lands in theaters on March 17, 2023. It promises to be a fun new adventure that may just remind fans of the best MCU outings.

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