DC Writer Teases Return of Fan-Favorite Suicide Squad Character in DCU Reboot!

Author: Ambily S  / June 27, 2023

A major name at DC Comics has recently teased that Margot Robbie might not be done playing the beloved character of Harley Quinn in the DC Universe (DCU). Robbie first graced the screen as Harley in David Ayer’s “Suicide Squad” back in 2016, and she reprised the role in 2021’s “The Suicide Squad” under the direction of James Gunn. With the DCU entering a new era of storytelling, fans have been curious about the fate of their favorite characters, including Harley Quinn.

DC Comics writer Jimmy Palmiotti recently took to Twitter to drop a hint that Margot Robbie might not be bidding farewell to the DC Universe just yet. Palmiotti shared a GIF of Robbie, dressed in her iconic Harley Quinn costume from “The Suicide Squad,” and expressed his admiration for James Gunn’s contributions to the franchise. He praised Gunn’s ability to infuse the movies with fun, unpredictability, and a distinct blend of humor, which he and Amanda (Conner) greatly appreciate. Palmiotti’s tweet ended with a tantalizing suggestion of “great things” to come.

In Palmiotti’s own words: “Listen guys, I love everything James Gunn has brought to the movies. Always fun, always unpredictable, and always that edge of humor and fun that Amanda and I enjoy. The man loves the material and you can see it on display in everything he touches. Great things are coming.”

The tweet sparked speculation among fans about the potential return of Margot Robbie as Harley Quinn. While there are rumors of Robbie being in talks to star in Marvel Studios’ “Fantastic Four,” Palmiotti’s tweet implies that the door is still open for her to continue her journey within the DCU. It remains to be seen whether Robbie would reprise the same version of the character from her previous movies or bring a fresh interpretation to the role.

As the DCU embarks on this new chapter, fans can look forward to fresh and exciting stories that push the boundaries of the superhero genre. Only time will tell what exactly Palmiotti’s tease entails and how it will shape the future of the DCU. But for now, fans can hold on to the hope that their favorite antiheroine will continue to grace the screen, delivering the same mix of charm, madness, and mischief that they have come to love.

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