James Gunn Confirms Return of a DCEU Star to Rebooted Franchise!

Author: Shobith C / March 19, 2023

James Gunn, the CEO of DC studios, has confirmed that one of the actors from the DC Universe will be returning to his rebooted DC Universe. This news comes after Gunn confirmed that a few actors would be reprising their roles in the upcoming DC projects.

The first two actors that were confirmed to return were Viola Davis, who will star in the upcoming ‘Waller’ series for HBO Max, and Sean Gunn, who will reprise his role as Weasel in the upcoming ‘Creature Commandos’ series. Additionally, Steve Agee, John Cena, and Jennifer Holland are set to return in the second season of ‘Peacemaker.’

However, the latest actor to join the rebooted franchise was not revealed until a fan asked Gunn whether he would work with Margot Robbie again. Gunn responded positively, saying, “For sure.”

Margot Robbie is a talented actress who played the role of Harley Quinn in the DC Universe. Her portrayal of the character was widely praised, and fans were eager to know if she would be returning for future DC projects. Now, with Gunn’s confirmation, it seems that Robbie will be making a comeback to the DC Universe.

It is not yet known which project Margot Robbie will be a part of in the rebooted DC Universe, but fans are already speculating about the possibilities. Some believe that she could be returning as Harley Quinn in a new standalone movie which would bring together female DC villains like Poison Ivy and Catwoman.

Regardless of which project Margot Robbie is a part of, her return to the DC Universe is sure to be a major event. With James Gunn at the helm, fans can expect a fresh and exciting take on the DC Universe, and the inclusion of talented actors like Robbie only adds to the excitement. As more details are revealed about the upcoming projects, fans will be eagerly waiting to see what surprises are in store.

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