By, S.C/ JANUARY 30, 2022

Former Warner Bros. Executive Greg Silverman defends Zack Snyder and his DCEU films, sharing his views on why they have been frequently slendered by critics.

Stampede Ventures CEO Greg Silverman, who previously served as President of Warner Bros Pictures, said on social media that he thinks Zack Snyder would not get the same level of hate from critics, if he weren’t so accepting of the criticism lobbed his way.

Former WB exec responded to a fan’s tweet, in which he suggested that if someone other than Snyder’s name had been on Man of Steel and Batman v Superman, even if the same movies were out, they would have been received fewer negatives by critics.

Greg Silverman posted this post:


I always suspected that Zack’s kindness, openness and enthusiasm created an environment for critics to underestimate his work. Because he is a humble and approachable human, he did not fit the mold of an author. Shit. Should be the opposite.


Zack Snyder first gained popularity as the director of a zombie film, Dawn of the Dead. He then adapted Frank Miller’s 300 graphic novel into a movie that surpassed everyone’s box office expectations. After 300, the heavily stylized approach he took to the movie and his controversial contents made him a polarizing figure for critics and fans.

It was in 2012 when Snyder was assigned to direct Man of Steel, which was foundation to kick start the DCEU. After critical backlash of Batman v Superman, Warner Bros. Executives panicked and began making changes to the Justice League during production, finally led Snyder out after his daughter’s death, when he thought his time was better to spent with his family. But even Snyder couldn’t realise that this was the fall before rise. He has since become an extraordinary figure of pop culture, with a cult of personalites surrounding him and a dedicated fanbase who loves his visuals, heartfully follows him on social media. He went on and on for not only a Justice League director cut, but a number of other high-profile, high-budget projects at Netflix.

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