Author: Ambily S / AUGUST 25, 2022

The recent report of Henry Cavill’s returning in the upcoming Dwayne Johnson’s Black Adam movie is a very exciting development in the Superman saga.

Earlier, it was reported in the beginning of August that Henry Cavill was going to appear at San Diego Comic Con to announce a new Superman project. But we could not find any sign of Man of Steel or even the presence of Henry Cavill at SDCC. This absence may be because of Henry Cavill and Warner Bros. Discovery is planning any future secret DC project.

Warner Bros. Discovery is very much interested in bringing back Superman to DC projects. David Zaslav sees Superman as a valuable property that they have not been using enough over the course of the last few years. They haven’t given any screen time or any chances for Henry Cavill’s return and for Man of Steel.

Now, Dwayne Johnson has teased something that was in work for Black Adam. The new report suggests that Henry Cavill will be returning as Superman in the Black Adam movie.

According to the report of Geekosity, Henry Cavill recently filmed a new scene as Superman for the Black Adam movie. If this report is to be true, we could see the Superman in upcoming Black Adam movie.

Let’s hope that Henry Cavill’s superman is going to appear in more future projects and can expect Superman’s return in Man of Steel 2.

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