Is James Gunn Adapting 'All Star Superman' Storyline?

Author: Ambily S / January 21, 2023

As fans eagerly await the announcement of a new Superman film, rumors have begun to circulate that James Gunn’s upcoming take on the iconic superhero will be based on the comic book series “All-Star Superman.”

First published in 2005 and written by Grant Morrison, “All-Star Superman” presents a unique and critically acclaimed interpretation of the character, depicting Superman as a god-like figure who uses his powers for good in a world that both adores and fears him. The series also explores the idea of Superman’s mortality, as he is revealed to be dying from solar radiation poisoning.

James Gunn’s  Instagram post on him reading “All Star Superman” comic.
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This interpretation of the character would certainly be a departure from previous Superman films, which have largely focused on his role as a traditional superhero fighting against various threats. Themes of mortality and divinity are central to the “All-Star Superman” comics, and could provide a fresh and thought-provoking take on the character for the big screen.

Additionally, James Gunn is known for his offbeat and genre-defying approach to filmmaking, having helmed both the Guardians of the Galaxy films and The Suicide Squad, and his unique style could be a perfect fit for the unconventional storytelling of “All-Star Superman.”

Of course, it is important to note that at this point, this is still just a rumor and no official confirmation has been made regarding the source material for James Gunn’s Superman film. However, the idea of James Gunn tackling “All-Star Superman” has certainly excited many fans and could potentially lead to a truly memorable and groundbreaking Superman film.

It is expected that official confirmation of the source material will be announced in coming months, but it is still unclear what direction the movie will take. However, fans are excited to see James Gunn’s take on Superman and how it will differ from previous adaptations. It is sure to be a fresh take on the character and will be a must-watch for comic book fans and general audiences alike.

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