James Gunn Addresses DCU Timeline Error After Justice League Movie Announcement!

Author: Shobith C / Aug 02, 2023

In a recent development, James Gunn, the co-CEO of DC Studios, addressed a timeline mistake concerning the DC Universe (DCU) caused by the announcement of a new Justice League movie. As the architect behind the next decade of releases in the DCU, Gunn holds the responsibility for shaping the new universe, with its debut film, “Superman: Legacy,” set to release in 2025, which he also wrote and directed. However, confusion arose when an animated movie titled “Justice League: Crisis on Infinite Earths” was announced under the DCU banner, raising questions about its place in the evolving timeline.

DCU Justice League Crisis On Infinite Earths

Clarification and Correction

Taking to Threads, Gunn promptly clarified that “Justice League: Crisis on Infinite Earths” is not part of the DC Universe’s timeline. While the announcement may have led to speculation, Gunn emphasized that the movie’s involvement in the DCU was an error and has been rectified. As the DC Studios’ creative chief, he acknowledged the importance of maintaining a coherent narrative and stated, “They messed up. It’s been corrected.”


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Reasoning Behind the Decision

While some fans may have wondered about the inclusion of an animated Justice League movie in the DCU, Gunn offers compelling reasons for keeping them separate. Considering that the DCU aims to establish itself as a cohesive live-action universe, introducing the Justice League through an animated movie would not align with this vision. Gunn acknowledges that the first appearance of the new Justice League should be in a live-action setting to make a lasting impact on audiences.

Superman: Legacy as a Launchpad

With the DCU kicking off with “Superman: Legacy” in 2025, the iconic character becomes the face of this new universe. This calculated move allows for a proper introduction of Superman and sets the tone for the DCU’s future releases.

With “Justice League: Crisis on Infinite Earths” confirmed as non-canon to the DCU, fans can now look forward to the upcoming “Superman: Legacy” as the official launchpad for this new cinematic universe. The decision to separate the animated movie from the live-action continuity allows for creative freedom, ensuring both projects can thrive in their respective storytelling realms. With Gunn’s guidance and passion, the future of the DCU looks promising, promising an epic and cohesive journey for fans of the DC universe.

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