James Gunn Announces His New DCU Project After Superman: Legacy!

Author: Shobith C / Oct 03, 2023

James Gunn, the creative force behind DC Studios, has set the stage for another exciting venture in the DC Universe (DCU). Amidst his strategic planning for the future of DC, Gunn took to social media to confirm that he is currently penning a new project for the DCU, and it’s none other than the second season of Peacemaker, with John Cena reprising his role.

While Gunn is orchestrating the broader narrative of the DC Universe, he still dedicates time to nurture the smaller, yet compelling, corners of the franchise. Peacemaker Season 2, the follow-up to the Max television series, will delve deeper into the post-“The Suicide Squad” life of Christopher Smith, portrayed by the charismatic John Cena.

In a recent Instagram post, Gunn shared a video from Peacemaker Season 1 with the caption “John plays Queen on the set of #Peacemaker.” Amidst the comments section, a fan eagerly expressed their anticipation for a second season, prompting Gunn to respond with a concise “Writing it now.”

This announcement not only ignites enthusiasm among fans but also solidifies the presence of Team Peacemaker within the Rebooted DC Universe. The adventures of Christopher Smith are set to continue, promising a unique blend of action, humor, and the distinctive touch that Gunn brings to the DCU.

As Gunn navigates his busy schedule, the timeline for the commencement of filming for Peacemaker Season 2 remains uncertain. However, this confirmation reassures fans that the quirky and audacious spirit of the Peacemaker series will persist in the revamped landscape of the DC Universe.

In essence, James Gunn’s dedication to Peacemaker Season 2 reaffirms that, amidst the grand tapestry of the DC Universe Reboot, certain characters and narratives find their space, surviving and thriving in the ever-evolving cinematic landscape.

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