By, S.C/ JULY 17, 2022

James Gunn says he’s open to bring Idris Elba back for a Bloodsport project.

James Gunn made his official DCEU debut in 2021 with The Suicide Squad and quickly followed up with the spin-off series Peacemaker.
It’s been nearly one year since The Suicide Squad premiered. A few characters introduced in The Suicide Squad had already reprised their roles in Peacemaker. However, several fan-favorite characters have not been brought back yet into the DCEU and the fans are eagerly waiting for their return.

James Gunn is widely active on social media and answers several fan questions. Back in May, Gunn tweeted a photo of Elba’s character from The Suicide Squad, writing “Supervillain walks alone. #Bloodsport”. When asked by a fan, “Will we see him again??” Gunn only replied, “That would be nice wouldn’t it?”

Recently Gunn was asked, how open he would be to having a Bloodsport series with Idris Elba reprising the role. Gunn responded by stating that he was open to working with Elba on a Bloodsport project, but time constraints and other commitments were keeping him from working on the project.

James Gunn is currently working on the post-production of Marvel Studios’ Guardians Of The Galaxy Vol. 3 and Peacemaker season 2. So, we can assume that the Bloodsport series will not go into development anytime soon and Elba’s future involvement in the DCEU is somewhat unclear at the moment.

Idris Elba was originally cast as a replacement for Will Smith’s Deadshot from Suicide Squad (2016), but Gunn changed Elba’s role to Bloodsport to keep the door open for Smith in the future. Let’s hope to see more of his character in the future.

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