James Gunn Wants Henry Cavill Back in The DC Universe!

Author: Ambily S / March 11, 2023

James Gunn, the CEO of DC Studios, has expressed interest in having Henry Cavill back in the DC Universe. Despite previously announcing that Cavill would not be playing Superman in the new DC Universe, Gunn confirmed that he had discussions with the actor about other possible roles he could play.

Cavill’s return as Superman in the post-credits scene of The Rock’s Black Adam had fans excited for his reprisal of the role. However, many were disappointed when Gunn announced that he would not be playing Superman in the new DC Universe. Nevertheless, Gunn explained his decision to Cavill and talked to him about other possible DC roles.

While debunking rumors that Cavill was cast as Frankenstein in Creature Commandos, Gunn confirmed on Twitter that the actor can make a possible return to DC in a new role since he’s talked to Cavill about future possibilities. Gunn stated, “I’ve said in the past we’ve discussed other roles with Henry – just Frankenstein is not one of them.”

Cavill’s portrayal of Superman is widely regarded as one of the best in cinematic history. He embodied the character so well that people see him as Superman, not just an actor. It would be disrespectful to Cavill and the character of Superman if he were to end up doing any other role in the DC Universe.

As a pillar of the superhero franchise, Superman is an essential part of the DC Universe, and having Cavill return to play the iconic character would undoubtedly excite fan but Gunn’s discussions with Cavill about future possibilities doesn’t show that there is hope for Cavill’s return as Superman. 

While it may have been disappointing for fans to hear that Henry Cavill would not be reprising his role as Superman in the new DC Universe, James Gunn’s recent comments have given hope for some fans that he may return in a new and exciting role. Only time will tell what this role will be, but fans are eager to see Cavill back on the big screen in the DC Universe once again.

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