James Gunn's DC Universe Casts New Wonder Woman Villain Actress!

Author: Ambily S / November 5, 2023

James Gunn’s DC Universe is gearing up for an animated adventure with “Creature Commandos,” and the latest addition to its cast is none other than Anya Chalotra, known for her role in The Witcher. Chalotra is set to bring the iconic DC villain Circe to life in this unique project, signaling a potential connection to Wonder Woman’s world.

The DCU, under Gunn and Peter Safran, is redefining the superhero landscape across various mediums. “Creature Commandos,” an animated series penned entirely by Gunn, promises to introduce audiences to a squad of monstrous characters in a narrative that might spill over into live-action.

Chalotra’s casting as Circe adds an intriguing layer to the project, as Circe has long been a thorn in Wonder Woman’s side. While some may find Circe’s presence in a non-Wonder Woman-centric series surprising, it aligns with the show’s focus on supernatural characters. Gunn’s carefully selected cast hints at the potential for these characters to transition to live-action, and Circe’s role in “Creature Commandos” might just be a precursor to her involvement in larger DCU projects.

For those unfamiliar with Circe, she draws inspiration from ancient Greek mythology—a beautiful, immortal sorceress who debuted in DC Comics in 1949. While her clashes with Superman and Supergirl are noteworthy, it is her antagonistic relationship with Wonder Woman that defines her character. Circe has previously appeared in Wonder Woman-related media, including Justice League Unlimited.

Speculation arises about Chalotra’s potential involvement in “Paradise Lost,” a live-action series set on Wonder Woman’s homeland, Themyscira. Gunn’s inclination to have Chalotra portray Circe in live-action further fuels this speculation, creating anticipation among fans.

Chalotra joins a star-studded DCU cast that includes David Harbour, Rachel Brosnahan, and Viola Davis. As the animated series “Creature Commandos” awaits its official release date, James Gunn has teased that it’s slated to hit Max in 2024, promising a thrilling addition to the expanding DC Universe. The inclusion of Circe in this diverse lineup hints at exciting developments and connections to Wonder Woman’s rich mythology, making it a project to watch for both avid fans and newcomers to the DCU.

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