Jason Momoa Criticized by Fans for Supporting Ezra Miller!

Author: Roshan Prakash/ February 19, 2023

Jason Momoa, the famous actor known for his role as Aquaman, faced backlash from fans after he expressed his support for Ezra Miller, who will star in the upcoming DC movie, The Flash. Although the recent Super Bowl trailer for The Flash was praised by many, Miller’s off-camera actions have been met with controversy.

Earlier this year, Miller was charged with burglary and petty larceny, which added to their already troubled legal history. Kiersey Clemons, a co-star in the film, shared her support for Miller, and Momoa followed suit by posting the trailer on his Instagram page along with a supportive message: “I’m so excited and proud of this movie. Love you, Ezra. Can’t wait to see this aloha j.”

However, the post was met with negative feedback from Momoa’s followers. One user criticized Momoa’s use of the word “aloha” given Miller’s history, while another expressed their disappointment in the actor, stating that it would prevent them from watching the movie. Many of the comments called out Miller’s criminal history and expressed frustration that Momoa was supporting the troubled actor.


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Several commenters expressed disappointment and even disbelief at Momoa’s show of support. vane.n.d. wrote, “Not you saying aloha after all the things [they have] done.” Others, like rafagoom, said that they love Momoa but could not support a movie with Miller in it because of the allegations against them.

Some commenters also called for Miller to face legal consequences for their behavior. sgregory711 asked if Momoa would let Miller near his own children, and jesse.daarling called the situation “bullshit of the highest degree.”

A few commenters acknowledged the importance of supporting fellow actors but expressed disappointment in Momoa for seemingly prioritizing money and connections over moral values. naraclansecretweapon said, “I recognize you are supporting a fellow actor but seriously…after the stuff he has done…this is just another show of how money and connections matter far more than the moral failings of a person’s actions. Kind of really disappointed in you here 🙁 you cannot say you support planetary change and protection when you can’t even fall on the right side of proper behavior especially in the lime light.”

me_gay_howabsurd wrote, “I’m so disappointed…I really liked you…backing up Ezra??? Really???”

Momoa’s support of Miller may backfire, especially given his own controversial legal drama surrounding his co-star in the movie, Amber Heard. The fact that Miller is being considered for a potential comeback with DC after The Flash has done little to appease the critics. Despite this, Momoa has been known to hype his co-stars, and it is not surprising that he is supporting Miller.

It remains to be seen whether Momoa’s support of Miller will affect the release of The Flash, which is slated to hit theaters in June. Nevertheless, the controversy surrounding Miller’s off-camera behavior will likely continue to be a hot topic of discussion.

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