By, S.C/ JULY 21, 2022

After the massive success of the first Joker film, Joaquin Phoenix is getting paid multi-million salary for the upcoming sequel.

Joker (2019), written and directed by Todd Phillips was a sensational hit in the worldwide box office. It was the first R-rated movie to gross more than $1 billion. The film was not only a hit with both audiences and critics, it received a total of 11 Oscar nominations, making it the most nominated film at the 92nd Academy Awards. Joaquin Phoenix took home the best actor award, and Hildur Guðnadóttir, who composed the score took home the best original score award.

Todd Phillips announced the Joker sequel very recently by sharing the first page of the script on social media, revealing the film’s working title to be Joker: Folie à Deux. While there weren’t plans for a sequel originally, Warner Bros.  signed Phillips to write a sequel, and Phillips said he needed time to think of ideas for another instalment

According to a report carried out by Variety, after the record breaking success of the previous Joker film, Phoenix is reported to get paid $20 million for the upcoming film. After earning $4.5 million for the original film, the actor is said to have negotiated a much higher payout for the sequel, putting his earnings on par with the likes of Chris Hemsworth for Extraction 2 and Vin Diesel for Fast X.

The title, Folie à Deux is defined as a psychological disorder where the same or similar mental disorder affects two or more people.  As per The Hollywood Reporter, Joker sequel will introduce the character of Harley Quinn and is billed as a “musical”.

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