Justice League Actor Appeals to Netflix to Acquire DC's SnyderVerse!

Author: S.C/ February 14, 2023

As the DC Universe (DCU) moves in a new direction, one Zack Snyder’s Justice League actor expressed his own hope that the former DCEU franchise moves to Netflix. Since the Snyder Cut of Justice League arrived on HBO Max nearly two years ago, the SnyderVerse fandom has been incredibly vocal about wanting to see Zack Snyder’s franchise restored to its former glory. After a number of different Twitter trends have pushed for the story to continue, the most recent one has come with the “#SellSnyderVersetoNetflix” hashtag, asking for the streaming giant to allow Snyder’s vision to continue in full.

Snyder himself has actually reacted to this trend in its rise to prominence, liking material that explains the reasoning behind the movement, and he’s even gotten some support from other Snyder Cut stars.

Actor Wayne T. Carr shared his desire to see Netflix purchase DC’s SnyderVerse in a new set of posts on Twitter. Posting an image of himself in front of a green screen with director Zack Snyder, Carr wished fans a Happy Valentine’s Day while including the hashtag “#SellSnyderVersetoNetflix.” He also posted a second image featuring the Snyder Cut logo in the middle of a design that featured all of the Justice League’s individual logos in a circle surrounding the silver “JL.” He used the following caption along with the same caption urging Netflix to buy the SnyderVerse: “So many things don’t make sense to me. But, some things do…”

This comes only a few days after DC Studios co-CEO James Gunn commented on the “#SellSnyderVersetoNetflix” hashtag, calling it “the wackiest hashtag ever.”

“I have to say, this has got to be the wackiest hashtag ever since 1) Netflix hasn’t expressed any such interest (although we’ve discussed other stuff) & 2) Zack hasn’t expressed any interest & seems to be happy doing what he’s doing (and, yes, we too have talked).”

Wayne T. Carr has been one of the most vocal supporters of the SnyderVerse even after having his role as Green Lantern largely cut from the movies. Snyder has shared a sneak peek into how Carr’s material for the movie was filmed in the director’s own driveway, highlighting the relationship they’ve built over the last few years.

Even though Carr commented on being cut from the film, he’s remained incredibly supportive of the movement, saying on multiple occasions that he’d like to see Snyder get the chance to keep his journey going.

For the time being, with James Gunn and Peter Safran moving fully into their Elseworlds and Chapter 1: Gods and Monsters slates, there appear to be no set plans for the SnyderVerse to be revived in any capacity. Snyder himself even appears to have moved on from that phase of his life, celebrating his work but also not actively seeking to make more movies with the DC stars he helped to cast.

Only time will tell whether Netflix and Snyder ever come to an agreement, but for now, the partnership isn’t likely to move forward anytime soon. Zack Snyder’s Justice League, along with the rest of the DC Extended Universe, is available to stream on HBO Max.

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