Keanu Reeves want to reprise his role from 2005’s DC Comic movie Constantine!

Keanu Reeves lead a legendary career throughout his journey as an actor. Among the roles that he played in his career, John Constantine in Constantine film role hits the comic book fans apart from other roles.

While speaking with Esquire, Reeves was asked regarding his returning to play as a DC Comic antihero. He opens up with his wish to do Constantine role apart from all those John characters that he played so far. The actor said that he will be diving back to his role as he says:


I love playing Constantine. John Constantine,” Reeves said. “I’ve played a lot of Johns. How many Johns have I played? I don’t even know. I think it’s over ten. But anyway, I’d love to have the chance to play Constantine again.”


As he reiterated his wish of returning to his character, Director Francis Lawerence spoke to Slash Film as:


I think we all wanted to do it. It was successful enough…We worked on the sequel for a while. It was tricky to come up with where to take it. What I really liked about the first one was it was a really personal story, so I thought it’d be a mistake to get caught up in the supernatural gobbledygook. The idea of a personal story was really interesting, and that was the hard thing to come across. We have been talking about it recently. It’s always stuck with all of us because we all love the movie, and especially realizing there’s a real cult following for this movie, it’d be fun to make. Keanu, Akiva, and I have actually talked about it.


From the mixed reviews of Constantine film, we can see that Constantine created a sort of cult among comic book fans. This movie was focused mainly on John Constantine, a member of DC Comics world and warlock who spends his days as a detective for all things supernatural.

Although Keanu Reeves stepped forth towards DC to dive back as Constantine role, it’s still unknown that whether the DC and Warner Bros. ever plan to bring back this Constantine role. Stay tuned for all the latest updates on all of DC’s upcoming projects. You can also subscribe to DC Updates’ YouTube channel for more video content in the future!


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