Marvel Director Criticizes Zack Snyder's DC Films!

Author: Shobith C / Oct 08, 2023

Marvel Director Criticizes Zack Snyder

The DC Universe has seen its fair share of directors, each leaving their unique mark on the franchise. Among them, Zack Snyder stands out for his distinctive style and approach to superhero storytelling. However, not every director shares the same sentiment towards Snyder’s work, as recently expressed by Moon Knight director Mohamed Diab.

A Difference in Vision

In an interview with The Cosmic Circus, Diab commended James Gunn’s upcoming contributions to the DC Universe, hailing him as a “great artist who will do great work.” Yet, Diab didn’t mince words when it came to his assessment of the Zack Snyder era. He candidly admitted, “Frankly, I didn’t like the past period,” referring to Snyder’s films. While he acknowledged that Zack Snyder’s Justice League was “significantly better” than its predecessor, Diab maintained that Snyder’s cinematic creations simply didn’t resonate with him.

“I know that some people don’t like James Gunn, but I see him as a great artist who will do great work. Frankly, I didn’t like the past period. The last film, [Zack Snyder’s] Justice League, was significantly better than the first version, but in the end, Snyder’s work in all the movies he made didn’t appeal to me.”

A Preference for Gunn

Comparatively, Diab held a markedly different view of James Gunn’s body of work. He expressed a strong affinity for Gunn’s films, asserting, “I think he’s a much greater artist and a very clever writer, and he will do excellent work for DC.” Diab’s endorsement of Gunn’s creative prowess suggests a preference for Gunn’s directorial style over Snyder’s.

“I liked James Gunn’s films much more. I think he’s a much greater artist and a very clever writer, and he will do excellent work for DC. I hope people won’t just criticize him because if he loses the DC audience, he’s done. But he is an artist, and he will create wonderful things.”

A Batman Fan

Diab’s admiration for superheroes doesn’t end with the Marvel universe. He professed a deep fondness for Batman, emphasizing a desire to explore a more noir-inspired take on the Caped Crusader. Drawing on examples like Christopher Nolan’s Dark Knight trilogy and Matt Reeves’ The Batman, Diab praised the emphasis on the human drama and tragedy within Batman’s story.

“I’m a fan of Batman. I’d like to give Batman a different take, a Noir style. A movie with drama. Christopher Nolan made us all see that it’s a dramatic movie about someone with tragedy. The new perspective in ‘The Batman’ is very nice. Whether it’s Batman or someone else, the idea of a person with a real human story, not just a flying superhero.”

Critique of Representations

Diab’s comments about the DCEU extend beyond his assessment of directorial styles. As an Egyptian, he held a critical lens towards the representation of Egypt and its people in certain DC films. Diab expressed disappointment with Wonder Woman 1984, labeling it a “disgrace” to Egypt, citing a perceived lack of accurate portrayal. Similarly, he voiced concerns about Black Adam, suggesting that its fictional setting served as a convenient excuse for casting non-Egyptian actors. Diab’s impassioned stance on these matters reflects a personal investment in the authentic portrayal of his home country and its people.

Mohamed Diab’s candid remarks offer a unique perspective on the DCEU and its directors. While he openly acknowledges the merit in Snyder’s work, Diab’s preference for James Gunn’s artistic vision is clear. Additionally, his advocacy for accurate representation of Egypt in film underscores the importance of cultural authenticity in storytelling. As Moon Knight continues to captivate audiences, Diab’s insights serve as a reminder of the impact that thoughtful representation can have on cinematic narratives.

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