Matt Reeves and James Gunn to Meet and Discuss the Future of The Batman Franchise!

Author: Ambily S / January 14, 2023

DC Studios CEO James Gunn and Director Matt Reeves are reportedly set to meet in the near future to discuss the current state of the DC Universe and the Batman universe. 

The two will reportedly be discussing the potential opportunities for collaboration and exploring ways to bring new and exciting stories to the beloved franchise.
Reeves, who is currently at the helm of the “The Batman” franchise, is no stranger to the world of comics and superhero movies. He has previously directed critically acclaimed ‘The Batman’ which was the highest-grossing DC movie of 2022. And is also known for the highly successful “Planet of the Apes” trilogy. 
Gunn, on the other hand, is a seasoned veteran in the world of comics and superhero movies. He has directed and written several highly successful films, including “Guardians of the Galaxy”, “The Suicide Squad”, and “Peacemaker”. He is well-known for his ability to infuse humor and heart into his stories, making them both entertaining and emotionally engaging.
Gunn along with Peter Safran is gearing up to launch their DCU reboot. The meeting between these two is highly anticipated by fans of the DC Universe and the Batman franchise. Both Reeves and Gunn have a reputation for creating exciting and unique stories, and a collaboration between the two could result in something truly special.

With the DC Universe currently being rebooted, there are endless possibilities for new and exciting stories to be explored.

It is worth noting that the DC Universe and the Batman franchise is one of the most iconic and beloved franchise in the entertainment industry and any collaboration between Matt Reeves and James Gunn would be huge deal and would be highly anticipated by the fans. Whatever the outcome of the meeting, it is clear that both are major players in the industry and whatever project they decide to work on will be highly anticipated.

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