Michael B. Jordan Responds to Black Superman Casting Rumors!

Author: Ambily S/ March 03, 2023

For nearly two years, fans have been eagerly anticipating Michael B. Jordan’s portrayal of Black Superman in an HBO Max project. However, despite rumors, little has been publicly confirmed about the project’s development.

At a red carpet event for the third Creed film, Entertainment Tonight approached Michael B. Jordan with rumors that he would be playing the role of Black Superman. ET stated, “And finally, you came back for ‘Black Panther[: Wakanda Forever].’ We were so happy about that. But now you’re gonna take on the DC role of Black Superman.”

Jordan was surprised by the statement and questioned ET about the source of the rumor. “Who said that? Who said that?” he asked. ET replied, “I said that!” Jordan then responded, “You said that. I didn’t say that. I don’t even know about no rumors about that one.” ET replied with a simple “Okay,” and Jordan said, “Uh-huh. Wow.”

Despite Jordan’s denial of having any knowledge of the Black Superman rumors, he acknowledged them in a 2021 interview with CinePOP, expressing uncertainty about the project’s development.

Given that the current DCU slate focuses on Clark Kent’s Superman, it is unlikely that Jordan’s version of Superman would fit into the current continuity. However, the possibility of a standalone, Elseworlds-style story could provide a way to tell this story without confining it to existing plans.

Despite the lack of official confirmation, fans are still hopeful that the project is in the works. Jordan’s statement may have been a denial of the rumors, but it also leaves the door open for future developments.

Representation in media is more important than ever, and a Black Superman could provide a fresh take on the classic superhero story. With Michael B. Jordan’s talent and star power, the project has the potential to be a major success. However, until more is officially announced, fans will have to wait and see if this version of Superman will ever fly onto their screens.

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