New Official Clip from The Flash Unveils Hilarious Moment with Barry Allen and Iris West!

Author: Ambily S / May 16, 2023

Fans of DC’s The Flash are eagerly anticipating the release of the movie, and a new clip has recently been released to give fans a glimpse of what they can expect. The new footage reveals a funny scene involving Barry Allen and his crush, Iris West.

In the clip, Iris asks Barry if they can talk, and Barry quickly uses his super speed to clean up his apartment before letting her in. However, as soon as Iris steps in, a closet door bursts open and all of Barry’s personal items crash to the floor, creating an awkward moment. Despite this, Barry tries to move past it and offers Iris a drink, which she accepts.

This new clip gives fans a different look at the Scarlet Speedster, showcasing a more personal and relatable side to him. While previous trailers and teasers have hinted at the film’s emotional elements, this clip shows that The Flash will also have its fair share of humor.

Fans can expect multiple cameos and high stakes in The Flash, but this new clip reminds us that the movie will also feature personal moments that viewers can connect with. It seems that The Flash is shaping up to be a well-rounded movie that appeals to both DC fans and casual moviegoers alike.

The Flash is set to arrive in theaters on June 16th, and fans are excited to see what other surprises the movie has in store for them. With a talented cast and crew behind it, The Flash is sure to be a thrilling and entertaining ride for all.

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