Nightwing Finally Called Batman "Dad"!

Author: Ambily S/ January 25, 2023

DC fans are celebrating a powerful moment in Nightwing #100, where Dick Grayson, the first Robin, finally refers to Bruce Wayne, aka Batman, as “dad.” 

This moment marks a significant development in the dynamic between the two characters, who have had a complicated relationship throughout their years of working together.

In the issue, Dick and Bruce are standing at Alfred Pennyworth’s grave, discussing the future of Nightwing and his role in protecting Blüdhaven. Wonder Woman and Superman have asked him to take on the role of guarding the planet, but Dick is unsure of how to proceed. He turns to Bruce for advice, and the two begin talking about what Alfred would say if he were still alive.

Bruce tells Dick that Alfred would have been proud of him and that he is sorry if he ever failed him. Dick, however, is grateful for how Bruce put his life on hold to adopt him and offers a hug, telling him “I love you, dad.” This emotional moment is a long time coming for fans of the characters, who have waited years to see this kind of resolution in their relationship.

This powerful moment in Nightwing #100 is a testament to the dynamic and complex relationship between Dick and Bruce, and fans are thrilled to see it finally come to fruition. It is a touching and emotional moment that highlights the bond between the two characters and the love they have for each other.

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