Rejected Batsuit Concepts Unveils Best Look Yet at Ben Affleck's Batman!

Author: Ambily S  / July 12, 2023

Ben Affleck’s return as Batman in DC Studios’ The Flash brought excitement and anticipation for fans who were eager to see the Caped Crusader once again. However, what many fans may not know is that Affleck almost had a completely different look in the film. Concept and costume illustrator Robert Rowley recently shared some stunning concept art that showcases alternative designs for Ben Affleck’s Batsuit in The Flash, giving us a glimpse into what could have been.

One of the designs takes us back to Affleck’s appearance in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice. This concept features an extra dark shade of black on the cape and chest piece, reminiscent of the brooding and intimidating Batman we saw in that film. The return to this darker aesthetic would have pleased fans who enjoyed Affleck’s portrayal in the earlier movie.

In another design, the Caped Crusader is given a more gray-toned suit. This concept differs from the previous one by incorporating shades of gray in everything except the cape and cowl. It offers a different take on Batman’s iconic look while maintaining a sense of familiarity.

The next design takes a bold approach by darkening the cape and cowl and adding a silver Bat symbol on the chest. It also includes black bindings over Affleck’s arms and chest, along with grey fabric underneath the Bat gear. This design adds an element of depth and intricacy to the Batsuit, emphasizing the attention to detail that goes into crafting such a costume.

The concept art also provides a full head-to-toe look at the Batsuit, showcasing a pair of worn-down boots that speak to the extensive wear and tear from Affleck’s tenure as Batman. This detail highlights the longevity of his portrayal and adds a sense of authenticity to the character’s journey.

Ultimately, the final version of the Batsuit that fans saw in The Flash toned down the colors slightly, striking a balance between the darkness of Affleck’s previous appearances and a more refined, streamlined look. The costume retained the essence of Batman’s iconic imagery while incorporating subtle changes that complemented the film’s overall aesthetic.

It’s an exciting time for Batman fans as The Flash director Andy Muschietti gears up to explore his own Batman story with The Brave and the Bold. This new project will continue the legacy of Bruce Wayne and, hopefully, win over fans with a fresh perspective on the iconic character.

In the meantime, The Flash continues to captivate audiences worldwide, serving as a thrilling reunion of beloved Batman actors, including Michael Keaton’s highly-anticipated return as the Caped Crusader. As fans eagerly watch the film, they can appreciate the effort and creativity that went into crafting Ben Affleck’s final appearance as Batman, even if the alternative Batsuit concepts didn’t make it to the silver screen.

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