Return of Major Superman Villain Set to Rock DC Universe in 2023!

Author: Shobith C/ February 22, 2023

Superman is one of the most iconic and beloved superheroes in the world, with a rogues’ gallery of villains that are just as memorable. From Lex Luthor to General Zod, Brainiac to Doomsday, Superman has faced off against some of the most powerful and formidable foes in the DC universe. And now, it looks like one of his greatest enemies is set to return in a big way in 2023.

In an exclusive interview with CBR, Joshua Williamson, the writer of the Superman series, revealed that Brainiac will play a major role in the upcoming “Dawn of DC” publishing event. “It’s not about Brainiac here, Brainiac is a much bigger player in the DCU and Dawn of DC,” Williamson said. This news has sent shockwaves through the comic book community, as Brainiac is one of Superman’s most formidable foes.

The “Dawn of DC” event will see Superman teaming up with some of the most powerful and iconic characters in the DC universe, including Supergirl, Superboy, and Krypto. It will also see the return of other classic villains, such as Metallo and Cyborg Superman, in the pages of Action Comics.

In addition, Christopher Priest’s new series, Superman: Lost, places the Man of Steel in a cosmic time-travel mystery. This ten-issue series promises to be a thrilling ride for Superman fans.


Superman #1, the first issue of the new ongoing series from Williamson and artist Jamal Campbell, sets the stage for the “Dawn of DC” event. The issue sees Superman returning to Metropolis and facing off against Livewire, with Lex Luthor communicating with him from prison. The issue promises to be an exciting start to a new era for the Man of Steel.

The new series will also introduce new allies for Superman, including Supercorp. With a secret project from Lex Luthor in the mix, it’s clear that Superman will need all the help he can get.

With Brainiac set to play a major role in the “Dawn of DC” event, it’s clear that DC is setting the stage for some major stories and developments in the years to come. Whether Brainiac will serve as a major antagonist for Superman specifically, or will have a wider impact on the DC universe as a whole, remains to be seen. But one thing is certain: fans of the Man of Steel have a lot to look forward to in the coming months and years.

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