Sarah Shahi Speaks Out About "Black Adam" Set Experience!

Author: Ambily S/ January 30, 2023

Sarah Shahi, who played the role of Adrianna Tomaz/Isis in the recent film “Black Adam,” has spoken out about her experience on the set of the film. 

In an interview, Shahi revealed that she felt she was barely given enough screentime in the film, and that “no one was allowed to be there” when Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, who played the titular character, filmed his scenes.

Shahi’s comments highlight a potential issue in the film’s production, as the lack of screentime for certain characters and the exclusion of cast members from certain scenes can negatively impact the overall film. This type of improper filmmaking can lead to a lack of chemistry between characters and a disjointed story, which can ultimately contribute to a film’s failure at the box office.

It’s worth noting that Shahi’s comments are only her perception, and it’s possible that the final cut of the film and the reasons behind the screentime and scene choices were completely different. Additionally, the success or failure of a film at the box office is determined by many factors, and it is difficult to pinpoint any one particular reason for a film’s performance. However, Shahi’s comments do bring attention to the importance of proper filmmaking and the need for all members of the cast and crew to feel valued and included in the process. A positive and inclusive set environment can lead to better performances and a stronger final product.

In conclusion, Sarah Shahi’s comments about her experience on the set of “Black Adam” raise concerns about proper filmmaking and the potential impact on a film’s success. It’s important for all members of a film’s cast and crew to feel included and valued in the process to ensure a positive and successful outcome.

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