Shelved DCEU Movie Intended to Bring Back Ben Affleck's Batman!

Author: Ambily S / Sep 29, 2023

In the ever-evolving landscape of DC Films, there was a moment when fans were on the brink of witnessing an unprecedented alliance between Wonder Woman and Batman. The proposed Wonder Woman 3, under the helm of director Patty Jenkins, teased an exciting collaboration between Gal Gadot’s Wonder Woman and Ben Affleck’s Batman.

However, fate took a turn when James Gunn assumed control of DC Films and announced a reboot of the cinematic universe. The promising project, which could have seen the iconic duo fighting side by side, was abruptly canceled.

Gal Gadot, in a statement, revealed discussions with James Gunn and Peter Safran regarding Wonder Woman 3 in the revamped DC universe. Her reassurance from the studio heads conveyed a sense of excitement for what could have been a groundbreaking installment in the superhero saga.

Yet, conflicting reports emerged, with insiders denying any concrete plans for Gal Gadot’s involvement in the DC Universe. The uncertainty surrounding Wonder Woman’s fate in the new DCU leaves room for speculation, and fans remain hopeful that Gal Gadot might reprise her role in a revived context.

Notably, Ben Affleck’s return as Batman seemed imminent after his appearance in ‘The Flash’ movie. Reports from ‘Can We Have Some Toast’ hinted at Patty Jenkins’ vision for the scrapped Wonder Woman 3, set in the contemporary DCEU timeline post ‘Justice League’ and her cameo in ‘The Flash.’ The proposed storyline promised to feature various DC characters, including Ben Affleck’s BATMAN.

However, the winds of change in the DC Universe led to a shift, with Ben Affleck bowing out as Batman. The official announcement from DC Studios confirmed the initiation of a new Batman movie with a fresh actor taking on the iconic role in the rebooted DC universe.

As the DC cinematic journey undergoes a transformation under James Gunn’s guidance, fans eagerly await the unfolding narrative of Wonder Woman and the introduction of a new Dark Knight. The scrapped Wonder Woman-Batman movie remains a tantalizing “what if” in the annals of superhero cinema, leaving fans to ponder the uncharted possibilities that could have graced the big screen

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