James Gunn's Superman: Legacy Villain Plot Reportedly Leaked!

Author: Ambily S / Sep 19, 2023

Leaked Superman Villain Plot

In the ever-evolving world of cinema, where leaks and rumors often swirl in a whirlwind of excitement and speculation, the latest buzz surrounding James Gunn and his newly revamped DC Universe project is no exception.

Reports have been pouring in, some so wild that they could be viewed as either a vehement campaign against or unabashed praise for the filmmaker. Since James Gunn took over the role of co-CEO of DC Studios alongside co-CEO Peter Safran, they’ve been making bold decisions, with one of the most audacious being the launch of “Superman: Legacy” immediately following the departure of Henry Cavill as Superman.

While the film has been the talk of the town for several months, it was only this week that Gunn officially confirmed that they now have a finalized script in hand. But it appears that a few intriguing details have already found their way into the public domain.

According to a viral tweet (which has been now deleted) by scooper DanielRPK for the leak, “Superman: Legacy” is steering away from the traditional choice of Brainiac as the villain. Previously, rumors had circulated that David Corenswet’s Kryptonian Prince would be pitted against the formidable Brainiac in the movie. However, this latest revelation has cast those notions aside. Instead, the leak suggests a plot twist that is sure to raise eyebrows and anticipation among fans: Lex Luthor, the iconic arch-nemesis of Superman, will be running for President in the film.

As of now, the cast for this pivotal role remains a closely guarded secret. Only time will reveal whether these rumors hold true or are merely the product of an overactive fan base’s imagination. Nevertheless, fans and enthusiasts alike are eagerly awaiting the release of “Superman: Legacy,” which is scheduled to hit theaters on July 21, 2025.

In this ever-unfolding saga of superhero cinema, it is paramount to stay tuned for further updates, as James Gunn and his team continue to reshape the DC Universe in unexpected and exciting ways. With “Superman: Legacy,” it seems we can expect the unexpected, and the countdown to its release promises to be nothing short of electrifying.

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