By, S.C/ JULY 19, 2022

A new article from Rolling Stones reported that 13% of support from the fan-led #ReleasetheSnyderCut social media campaign was fueled by fake accounts and bots. According to their report, Warner Media found that 13 percent of the accounts participating in the online campaign demanding the release of Snyder’s Justice League were fake accounts.

In other words, 87% of the supporters of the movement used their personal accounts to support the campaign. It should be noted that all accounts other than personal accounts and verified accounts are considered fake accounts. This means, that even our Twitter account (DC Updates) is considered fake. Many users (like us) on various social media platforms used their fake accounts to promote the Snyder cut campaign and it is depressing that we belong among the 13%.

Previously, reports from a few media suspected that Twitter bots helped in two Snyder films, Army of the Dead and Zack Snyder’s Justice League, winning the fan-voted categories of Oscars Fan Favorite and Oscars Cheer Moment at the 94th Academy Awards. But The Academy defended the win, claiming Justice League legitimately came out on top and that system accounted for and banned suspicious accounts from voting.

Is SnyderVerse fans toxic?

There is no such thing as a perfect fanbase. When you have a large group of people together, there are going to be some bad apples in the bunch. The fandom behind Zack Snyder and Justice League is no different. There are absolutely some bad apples in that bunch of fans. Some SnyderVerse fans cyber-attacked several WB executives including Ann Sarnoff which was a terrible thing to do. Declaring a whole fandom as toxic for the toxic behavior of a few is not a fair thing. You can’t deny the fact that the same fandom had done several good services to society.

The Snyderverse fans contributed half a million dollars to the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention through donations, sales of merchandise, and auctions of props. They saved lives. In all actuality, we should call the fan base more passionate than toxic.

Here’s how Snyder responded to his fandom being called ‘toxic’.


I would love the opportunity to just say to the world, and to fandom in general, who these fakers are and what should be done to them, or with them. It’s just a bunch of BS. In regards to that toxic fandom, or it’s ‘a win for toxic fandom,’ again, in what world does this ‘toxic fandom’ raise hundreds of thousands of dollars for suicide prevention? How is that toxic fandom? They’ve probably achieved more than any other fan base, [and done more] good than any other group. So I don’t understand.


Zack Snyder’s Justice League was literally the definition of ‘fan voices heard’. The release of The Snyder Cut was the result of 4 years of passionate effort from the fans. Being a fan, it’s extremely saddening to see several media bashing all our efforts by simply declaring it as a ‘bot Campaign’. Somehow, 87% of real “human” accounts (as per the report) became nothing infront of the so-called 13% “fake or bot accounts”.
We stood for something, and we will keep on standing for it. #RestoreTheSnyderverse

What is Snyder Cut?

Justice League, released by Warner Bros. Pictures in 2017, had a difficult production. Its script underwent major changes before and during production between 2016 and 2017. In May 2017, Snyder stepped down during post-production following the death of his daughter, and Joss Whedon was hired to finish the film, completing it as an uncredited director. Whedon oversaw reshoots and other changes that incorporated a brighter tone and more humor and reduced the runtime significantly in accordance with a mandate from Warner Bros. The theatrical version polarized critics and was a box office disappointment, leading Warner Bros. to focus on developing films around individual characters with less regard for consistency and continuity within the wider shared universe.

Many fans expressed interest in Snyder’s version of the film, which they and members of the cast and crew referred to as the “Snyder Cut”. Although industry insiders considered the release unlikely, Warner Bros. decided to move ahead in February 2020; in May, Snyder announced that it would be released as Zack Snyder’s Justice League via streaming service HBO Max. $70 million was spent to complete the visual effects, score, and editing, with new material being shot in October 2020. The release was originally planned as both a six-episode miniseries and a four-hour film, with the former being canceled in January 2021 in favor of releasing it as the latter. The film is dedicated to the memory of Snyder’s daughter, Autumn.

Zack Snyder’s Justice League was released on HBO Max on March 18, 2021. It became the fourth-most-streamed film debut on the platform that year. The film was widely considered superior to the 2017 theatrical version and received praise for its direction, musical score, action sequences, performances (particularly Fisher), and improved character development.

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