The Flash First Week Box Office Collection Revealed!

Author: Shobith C  / June 24, 2023

DC fans and movie enthusiasts were eagerly awaiting the release of The Flash, the latest addition to the superhero franchise. However, the initial box office numbers paint a bleak picture for the Scarlet Speedster’s standalone film. Opening against Elemental, The Flash struggled to find its footing and underperformed in its first week.

During its second Friday, The Flash managed to collect a mere $4.3 million, followed by an estimated second-weekend total of $14 million, marking a substantial 75% drop. This decline is especially disheartening for Warner Bros/DC, as it surpasses the 66% second-weekend decrease experienced by Green Lantern back in 2011.

By the end of its first week, The Flash is expected to accumulate approximately $86.3 million from 4,256 theaters. While this figure might appear decent at first glance, it pales in comparison to the box office numbers of other recent superhero films.

Breaking down the collection further, the domestic market contributed only 42% of the total earnings, amounting to $72,378,503. On the other hand, international markets accounted for a larger portion, with a 58% share and a sum of $99,900,000. Combining the domestic and international figures, The Flash’s worldwide box office stands at $172,278,503.

Despite a promising start, it is evident that The Flash has faced significant challenges in maintaining its momentum. The steep drop in ticket sales over the first weekend is a cause for concern, suggesting that the movie failed to resonate with audiences as anticipated. 

The Flash’s box office performance is a disappointment for Warner Bros. Pictures. The film had the potential to be a major hit, but it has been hurt by a number of factors, including mixed reviews, controversy surrounding star Ezra Miller, and competition from other recent superhero movies.

It is unclear whether The Flash will be able to recoup its production budget. The film will need to perform well in international markets in order to be a financial success.

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