Warner Bros. Unveils The 'Black Adam - Man of Steel' Collection!

Author: S.C / January 3, 2023

Warner Bros officially unveils a new collection of DC Universe (DCU) films, including Man of Steel in 2013 soon after Henry Cavill’s departure as DC’ Superman.


As part of their new leadership mandate, DC Studios Co-CEO’s James Gunn and Peter Safran have confirmed that Superman will be rebooted without Henry Cavill playing Clark Kent. This came as a massive disappointment for fans who had waited to see Cavill return as the Man of Steel, which finally became a reality in 2022.

Henry Cavill made his first canon appearance in the DC Universe since 2017’s Justice League in the post-credits sequence of Black Adam, which provided fans with the opportunity to celebrate his comeback. Then, more than ten years after his first film launched the DC Extended Universe, reports hinted at plans for him to finally be in line to produce Man of Steel 2. However, once Gunn and Safran took over, all of that was for naught.

Now, weeks after that reality sank in, fans were made aware of the letdown by a release from the DCU’s parent corporation that was released at the wrong moment.

Man of Steel from 2013 and Black Adam from 2022 are included in a new 2-Film Collection from Warner Bros. that was made available digitally  through iTunes, Vudu, the Microsoft Store, and other retailers for $29.99.

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