By  AMBER H/ DECEMBER 31, 2021

The entire concept of Marvel’s Multiverse is one such a Massive lie except for the DC Universe, where it’s very real.

In Marvel Comics, the Marvel Universe is very vast. It consists of multiple planets, galaxies and entire dimensions within it. Though the multiple universes are contained in the proverbial Marvel Sandbox, the writers dub the entire area as Marvel’s Multiverse. Unfortunately, this is a big lie. Marvel’s Multiverse does not exist any sense while the DC Multiverse of DC Comics remains real both in the Universe as well as in the real world.

DC Comics always tried to acquire new Universes and allows the characters to cross different dimensions to an unlimited extend possible. There are several examples to show this. Charlton Comics is an example. Charlton Comics was a popular publisher for about 40 years. DC bought Charlton Outright which includes the ownership of characters like Question, the Blue Beetle, Captain Atom, Peacemaker (of The Suicide Squad fame) and passed towards DC. Later on, Alan Moore wanted to use these characters but DC declined.

Similar situations have occurred in several comics too. Thus we can say that the DC Multiverse in comics is a massive work that relates different universes together as it did in the real world too. Charlton, Watchmen, WildStorm and Vertigo are examples of these as they show separate properties, owned by different creators. 
While coming to Marvel’s Multiverse, in short we could say it is not a true Multiverse as it is not created by the same source, whereas DC Comics has actually acquired multiple realities and stitched them together and tried to make different universes.

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