Zack Snyder Reflects on Scrapped Justice League Plot Featuring Batman-Lois Romance!

Author: Ambily S / April 20, 2023

Zack Snyder, the renowned director of the Snyderverse films,” recently made headlines when he reflected on the early scrapped plot of the Justice League during his interview with the Russo Brothers on their Pizza Film School podcast. In the interview, Snyder revealed that the initial script of the movie featured a romance between Bruce Wayne (Batman) and Lois Lane, which ultimately got dropped from the final version.

According to Snyder, the plot was inspired by a classic trope of movies where a husband goes off to war and dies, and the wife moves on with someone else.

“It’s sort of like in a movie like where the husband goes off to war, and he’s dead, and the wife moves on..”

Snyder believed that the same concept could have worked in the superhero world, where Bruce Wayne takes on the role of the deceased Clark Kent, and Lois Lane moves on with him. However, the idea didn’t sit well with the studio, and it got cut from the final version.

While some fans might have been disappointed to learn about the scrapped plot, Snyder’s reasoning behind it is quite interesting. It’s not every day that a superhero movie explores the emotional complexity of its characters in such a profound way. Batman and Lois Lane’s relationship would have added a layer of vulnerability to their characters, making them more relatable to the audience.

In the end, it’s understandable why the studio might have balked at the idea of a romance between Batman and Lois Lane. The DC Comics universe is full of iconic love stories, such as the one between Superman and Lois Lane, and Batman’s relationship with Catwoman. Adding another romantic angle might have diluted the impact of these beloved stories.

However, it’s still fascinating to hear about the creative process behind a blockbuster movie like “Justice League.” Snyder’s interview with the Russo Brothers is a testament to the fact that even the biggest movies go through numerous changes before making it to the big screen. And who knows, maybe one day we’ll get to see Snyder’s original vision for the movie in all its glory.

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