Zack Snyder Reveals Stunning Secret About the Amazons in SnyderVerse!

Author: Naveen C / April 29, 2023

During the Q&A session of Man of Steel at the “Full Circle” event, Zack Snyder revealed a stunning revelation about the Amazons of the SnyderVerse. According to Snyder, the impressive skills and strength of the Amazons can be attributed to their Kryptonian lineages.

This revelation can potentially change the narrative surrounding the mythology of the Amazons. The Amazons have always been portrayed as a race of exceptional warriors created by Zeus to protect humanity. Their origin and abilities have been speculated and theorized over the years.

According to Greek mythology, the Amazons were known for their superhuman strength and skill in battle. The tradition was brought to comics by DC Comics, and the Amazons have since become an integral part of the DC Universe.

Snyder’s revelation is a significant development in the mythology of the Amazons. It explains their abilities to fight and resist damage, as well as their ability to never age like normal humans. This new layer, unfortunately, hasn’t been fully explored. If Snyder had managed to execute all his plans for the SnyderVerse franchise, this revelation could have opened up new possibilities. It’s exciting to think about what could have been explored with this new information.

Overall, Snyder’s revelation about the Amazons having Kryptonian lineage is an intriguing development in the mythology of the DC Universe. It adds a new layer to the Amazons’ already fascinating history, and it’s unfortunate that we may never see it fully explored on screen.

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